$20 Produce Box


Big, Beautiful Produce Box

Item:   14098

Count/Size:  18-22 pounds of mixed fruit and vegetables

Our famous big, beautiful produce box for only $20!  Contents change from day to day, but always packed full of a mix of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Customer Reviews

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Cole Cohen

All the produce was fresh, just know that you are not saving any money by purchasing the box.

Michael N.
$20 Produce Box

The $20 produce is a great deal for my small family. The mix of vegetables and fruits is great. Pineapple, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, makes a great fruit salad. The fresh green beans, lettuces, tomatoes, make a great salad or side dish for dinners. The quality of the fruits and vegetables is great. I think its a bargain!

Charity Lander

For $20, the produce box can’t be beat. It’s easily enough veggies for my spouse and I (with occasional contributions to our neighbors) for a week. The produce is always fresh, always in great condition— I don’t have to worry it won’t be good. In addition to veggies, we get an assortment of seasonal fruit and a pineapple. I make weekend brunch fruit salads with these… so delish. Often Hardie’s will throw an extra treat in the box (juice, margarita mix, etc), which makes for a fun surprise. 10 out of 10 recommend.

Cynthia Green

Great fruit, veggies and perfectly chosen and freshly packed!!!

Ann Graham
Gorgeous Fruit and Vegetables

Thank you for this healthy food. We were not getting out at all for more than a year and this was so great. We still have restricted going out to shop and we really appreciate this!