Cheese, Cheddar Curds



Ellsworth Natural Cheddar Cheese Curds

Item Code: 18791

Pack/Size:  16 oz package

Direct from the Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin. Often referred to as squeaky cheese, you’ll recognize our cheese curds by their distinctive all-natural milky white color. Made from farm certified rBST free milk, they taste like no other, which is why they’re often asked for by name. Because of our unique proprietary process, Ellsworth Cheddar Cheese Curds retain more of their milky farm-fresh squeak and taste and set the standard for freshness and flavor. Tip: Want more squeak simply microwave for a few seconds to restore their fresh from the creamery squeakiness!

Serving Suggestions
– Makes a healthy, high protein, low carb and gluten-free snack.
– Crumble over salads for big cheesy flavor.
– A fun appetizer jazzes up any cheese plate.
– Substitute Ellsworth Cheddar Cheese Curds for shredded cheese in your favorite recipes. Adds a chewy texture to burgers, meatloaf, hot dish, and pizza!