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Ginger Spice Cookie Mix

Item Code: 17637

Pack/Size: 1-lb bag

Spicy gingerbread cookies are not just for Christmas anymore!  Gingerbread couples, hearts, X's and O's make unique Valentine treats. One of the hardest things to do when making traditional gingerbread cookies is get the spices evenly distributed in the dough.  Homestead Gristmill's Ginger Spice Cookie Mix makes it a snap.  Just add butter, egg and molasses for a delicious version of this classic cookie.

Oh, and the non-GMO Ginger Spice Cookie Mix is made locally in Waco, TX by Homestead Gristmill, a water powered 230 year old mill.  The process of grinding the flour with natural granite stones preserves the nutritional value of the grain...and the wholesome flavor.  Grains grown without chemical pesticides or preservatives.