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Salami Napoli Sliced 4 oz

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Salami Napoli Sliced 4 oz

Item#: 16295

Size: one four-ounce package of sliced salami

Traditional to the smoked salami from Naples, Napoli Salami is smoked over applewood giving it a complex, hearty flavor. Its mild taste makes it a great snack to pair with an assortment of wines, cheeses and beyond.  

Olli's cure process starts with 100% Vegetarian-pork fed and always Antibiotic free.  Their spices have provided flavorful, healthy and clean salami. Fermentation is key where they decide how quickly it will dry and determine 3 main factors in salami: humidity, starter culture and sugar. 

Packaged in a peel & reseal package that allows you to snack without losing freshness.